Man Convicted for Spiking Pregnant Girlfriend’s Smoothie

A man who was been on the run for nearly a decade after he spiked his girlfriend’s smoothie in order to cause an abortion has finally been convicted of attempted first-degree intentional homicide for which he faces up to 60 years in prison.

The Daily Caller is reporting on the case involving 45-year-old Manishkumar M. Patel, who attempted to end the life of his unborn child in 2007. Patel, of Appleton, Wisconsin, gave a spiked smoothie to his girlfriend, Darshana Patel (not related), who was 39 at the time. Patel was married to someone else at the time.

According to the Associated Press (AP), a week or two before Darshana miscarried, Patel bought her a smoothie from an ice cream shop. She noticed the white powder on the rim and, without drinking it, pretended to be ill and went back to her office. Once there, she collected the powder from the rim and had it tested. When it tested positive for mifespristone, also known as the “abortion pill” or RU486, she went to the local sheriff.

Patel was arrested and held on $750,000 bail after prosecutors found evidence that he was a flight risk.

Patel admitted that he gave the drug to his girlfriend. Even though his girlfriend never drank it, she miscarried a week later.

The state of Wisconsin has a fetal homicide law which says that anyone who attacks a pregnant woman and injures or kills her unborn child could face life in prison.

Because he intended to kill the child, Patel was charged with attempted first-degree intentional homicide, “second-degree recklessly endangering safety, placing foreign objects in edibles, possession with intent to deliver prescription drugs, stalking, burglary, possession of burglarious tools and two counts of violating a harassment restraining order in one case,” the Post Crescent reported.

However, he did manage to escape and was on the run until authorities caught up with him in New York in 2017.

Justice finally prevailed. On Wednesday, Patel was convicted of the crime in Outagamie County court. After accepting a plea deal, he will face sentencing on October 9 and could receive up to 60 years in jail.

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