Does Cursing Attract the Devil?

BL writes: “I have been trying to stop my children from using curse words they hear at school or the playground and often say ‘Whenever a person curses, the devil draws near!’ but I really don’t know where I got this information. Is this true?”

Great question! And yes, cursing does attract the devil.

According to the book, An Exorcist Explains the Demonic, Father Gabriele Amorth claims that he has personally found direct evidence of a “cause-effect relationship” between cursing and diabolical possession and has been involved in cases regarding persons who contracted either a possession or evil spell through cursing.

But this shouldn’t be too surprising.

“Certainly, cursing is not at all displeasing to the devil,” Father Amorth says. In fact, “those who curse are in good company: the demoniacs (those possessed by the devil) often curse,” he writes.

In addition to being dangerous as well as rude, if it involves taking the Lord’s name in vain, it is a grave sin that must be confessed.

Sadly, we shouldn’t need to resort to threats to stop our children from cursing. They should be more sensitive to how offensive this is to the God Who created them.

For those of us who hear these curses, Father advises us to repair for these offenses by mentally uttering a short prayer to Jesus such as “Lord, I bless your Holy Name.”

Father advises: “This type of reparation is an effective retort against the devil, who, at that point, has more to lose then to gain from a curse.”

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