July 11

“Jesus summoned…” When we read scripture, it can be so tempting to think that the Gospel stories have nothing to do with our own lives and time in history. It’s easy to pretend that what happened while the Twelve disciples were living amongst Jesus has no influence on our day to day lives. But in not recognizing the precise relationship between the disciples and Jesus and each of us and Jesus, we ignore the voice of God.

Indeed, as He called the Twelve, so He calls us. Yes, He “summons” us to go forth and proclaim the Good News. Every single one of us! In fact, He summons us daily in still, small voices. When you wake up and are exhausted, He calls you to work for the Kingdom. When you’re at your job and bored with your tasks, He asks you to offer it up. When He tells you to wait and trust in His promises, He guides you through the darkness.
Each moment of our lives is a summon, a call, to follow His voice.
One of the most beautiful lessons He has recently taught me is to offer up any moment of discomfort for another individual. He has summoned me to make sacrifices, to go beyond myself for the sake of someone I love, trusting His plan and giving Him my heart.

His voice, although so gentle, is profoundly bold and mighty. His “first language”, indeed, “is silence”, and through it, His summons can always be heard.

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