RISE: A New 30-Day Challenge for Catholic Men

A new 30-day program aimed at helping men to discover their vocation as sons of God is kicking off on January 15.

Called RISE: A 30-Day Challenge, the program is authored by Chris Stefanick, host of EWTN’s Real Life Catholic, and Bill Donaghy, a curriculum specialist at the Theology of the Body Institute. It consists of 30-Day challenges which take place throughout the year, with the first one beginning on January 15. The next Challenge is scheduled for the Lenten season and starts on February 14.

Costing little more than $1 a day, men sign up for the challenge which begins on a specific date and gives them access to daily videos and content. Men are notified when the content is ready each day.

“Each day you will watch a video, and then below it will be inspirational content and a challenge based on whether you’re single, married with kids at home, married with no kids at home, or separated/divorced/widowed,” the site explains. “Your challenge should be completed on that day. If you are faithful to the 30-days of challenges, you will experience a profound re-orientation in your own life and in your relationships with those around you.”

The daily videos and challenges, which only take about five minutes each morning, introduce men to a battle plan for life. While each individual 30-day journey is unique, men are encouraged to walk with a “brother” and to hold one another accountable during the 30 days.

The program can be done individually, in a group, or a parish setting.

“RISE is all about stepping up and claiming your true identity as a son of God, embracing your natural and profound gifts as a man. That changes everything,” said Stefanick, an international speaker and author. “Imagine if a million men in the Church were living intentionally as disciples of Christ. Families, parishes and communities would be transformed. That’s our goal.”

His program isn’t “teaching theology,” he says, and it’s definitely not just another “boxed program.”

“We are giving men a battle plan for daily living, and walking alongside them each day. When men understand their profound dignity as sons of God, and are re-oriented towards what really matters, the impact on themselves and those around them will be significant.”

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