Vatican: “Fast Food” is Bad for Communication

By Susan Brinkmann, OCDS
Staff Journalist

Cardinal-elect Gianfranco Ravasi, the Holy See’s official “culture minister” believes people who rely on fast food chains for their meals are skipping a vital form of communication.

According to ANSA News, Msgr. Ravasi believes that  “. . . (F)ast food has become the negation of dialogue through eating. Let us not forget that a meal is at the center of the Liturgy in which food is used as a symbol.”

This is why he has incorporated a full course Renaissance meal into an upcoming plenary session of the Pontifical Council for Culture with the hopes of helping participants to “to study the language of food, how it is a form and means of communication.”

“Each course, prepared using Renaissance recipes, will be presented in a way to demonstrate how esthetic taste and the communication of meaning can go together,” Msgr Ravasi explained.

The session will be held Nov. 10-13 and will open in Rome’s City Hall on Capitoline Hill in order to “provide a meeting point with society,” Msgr. Ravasi told ANSA.

The first day will include a discussion entitled “In the City, Listening to the Language of the Soul.” Rome’s Mayor, Gianni Alemanno, will participate.

Other guest speakers during the plenary session will include composer Ennio Morricone, who will speak on the language of music and Microsoft Italia CEO Pietro Scott Jovane, who will discuss marketing.

Msgr. Ravasi, 68, who will be ordained a cardinal by Pope Benedict XVI on Nov. 20, is a recognized Biblical scholar, theologian, expert on Judaism and an archeologist.

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