Videos Reveal Macabre Practices in Abortion Clinics

abortion corporationNewly released video testimonials from a former Planned Parenthood manager and nurse describing in detail what happens immediately following abortions in their so-called “products of conception” lab.

Live Action, a pro-life activist group, has released two new videos describing the macabre practices that take place in the “lab” of abortion clinics where fetal remains are taken after an abortion has been performed. The two new videos, entitled “Planned Parenthood knows it’s no aborting ‘clumps of cells’” and “Planned Parenthood: Desensitized to the killing,” are part of Live Action’s new investigative series, “Abortion Corporation” which reveals just how profit-focused abortion business really are.

In one video, nurse Marianne Anderson describes how she once watched an abortionist sift through dismembered body parts to make sure all of the baby had been removed. He would talk to them as if they were live children. “Now, where’s your little arm?” he would ask. “I’m missing an arm. Oh! There you are! Now where is your head?”

Another doctor used a special light while piecing together body parts and would put the parts on the light in order to see them better.

“He really seemed to get into it,” Anderson said. “He would say, ‘Look at this, it’s so cool! You can even see little tiny blood vessels in there!’”

In a second video, former Planned Parenthood manager Sue Thayer witnessed the abortion process and the aftermath numerous times:

“I remember standing there looking at that, and I said, ‘Why are there three arms?’ You know, and we’re looking, and the gal training me said, ‘Twins – it was twins.’ And I said, you know, ‘Do you tell the mom that she had twins?’ And she says, ‘No, it usually just upsets them.’”

“The testimonials of these former abortion workers are so powerful. The stories of the death they witnessed on a daily basis and of the barbaric procedures they saw committed on preborn children must be heard – especially by those who support abortion without understanding how brutal and inhumane it truly is,” said Live Action founder Lila Rose.

“The science is clear: these preborn children are growing, developing human beings who have beating hearts at just three and a half weeks old. Taking their lives is the opposite of health care. Despite the lies they tell their clients, Planned Parenthood knows they aren’t aborting clumps of cells, but innocent little human beings.”

Live Action is investing $500,000 in a digital ad campaign to show millions of Americans that Planned Parenthood is an abortion-first enterprise, not a women’s health care provider.

Thus far, the videos in this series have received a combined 42 million views on Facebook since the first video was launched on January 24.

Live Action is releasing this investigative series as Congress plans to redirect over $400 million in Medicaid funding away from Planned Parenthood to thousands of federally qualified local health clinics and as the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act makes its way to the Senate.


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