You will not be overcome

February 20

February 20

He did not say: You will not be troubled; you will not be tempted; you will not be distressed. But He said: You will not be overcome.

                                                                         –St. Julian of Norwich

For Reflection:

Dear Lord, so often I feel all but swallowed up by the events of every day life–not to mention those difficult moments of struggle, confusion, and doubt. It is Your grace and Your grace alone that gets me through these moments. Help me to remember that in the midst of every circumstance, You are there. In the midst of every reversal, You are there. In my deepest pain, in my worst distress, in my greatest temptation, You are there. Help me to hold on to this truth, and in You I will overcome. Amen.

 (Quote from Graceful Living)



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