Abortion Wars Get Ugly This Weekend

18935336 - red and black poster with fist and placardCommentary by Susan Brinkmann, OCDS

Thousands of pro-life activists gathered at hundreds of Planned Parenthood clinics this weekend to demand an end to taxpayer funding of the abortion giant, only to be met with counter protests of abortion supporters behaving badly – such as the one who recently shoved a used maxi pad into the mouth of a pro-lifer!

The Daily Caller is reporting on the clash of abortion opponents and supporters that took place across America. Pro-life groups targeted 225 clinics while pro-abortion groups staged protests at 150.

As can be expected, some members of the liberal media claim the pro-abortion side drew more protesters in some instances as if this rare appearance of abortion supporters outside the same clinics that have seen almost weekly pro-life protests for decades was worth mentioning.

But their appearance did nothing to squelch the message of the protests.

“It was the first time I have ever been to a pro-life demonstration where we were outnumbered 10 to 1,” said Monica Miller, Director of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society and a Women of Grace® board member to World Net Daily. “The pro-abortion people are on fire, and they are committed and organized . . . The counter protesters were rude, full of vulgarities, lots of vitriol, and were not afraid to use the f-word,” she added.

“But the fact they are reacting to us is a victory. We are going to persevere and plow right through and get to the goal which is to defund Planned Parenthood, reverse Roe V. Wade, end abortion, and we are going to do it.”

Thanks to the November election, however, it’s abundantly clear which side of the street has the momentum.

“We finally have someone in the White House who has the power and authority to save and defend lives,” protester Margie Sznajder told Reuters.

The Republican-led Congress is not in the least bit hesitant to use this power and has already introduced several bills that will begin the process of defunding Planned Parenthood and redirecting those funds to non-abortion-providing community health centers across America. President Donald J. Trump has promised to sign the bills into law.

Unfortunately for the pro-abortion side of the issue, news broke this weekend of an incident that took place on January 27 – the same day as the March for Life – when an abortion supporter named Valerie Starushok, 21, allegedly shoved a wet sanitary napkin into the mouth of pro-life protestor while yelling profanities. The incident was captured on video and features the activist saying he was caught off guard by her attack and how she “shoved her bloody maxi pad into [his] mouth.”

According to NBC affiliate KOBi5, Starushok turned herself into police and was lodged in the Jackson County jail on one count of harassment.

We’re just hearing about it now because the mainstream media barely reported it.

Unfortunately, abortion supporters just can’t seem to refrain from sinking into depravity at their gatherings. This was the same mistake they made at the Women’s March where the vulgarity became the story, thus diminishing their message. Maybe one day they’ll learn that this kind of outrageous behavior does nothing more than turn people off on both sides of the aisle.

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