The Last Things

“Fast from bitternessfasting-300x225 ~ feast on forgiveness.
Fast from self-concern ~ feast on compassion for others.
Fast from personal anxiety ~ feast on eternal truth.
Fast from anger ~ feast on patience.
Fast from words that destroy ~ feast on words that build up.
Fast from discontent ~ feast on gratitude.
Fast from discouragement ~ feast on hope.”
                                   ~Susan Tassone
For Reflection:
What “fast” should I engage? What are three practical ways I can employ its antidote today?

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2. ST. FAUSTINA’S MISSION. In short, her mission consists in reminding us of the immemorial, but seemingly forgotten, truths of our faith about God’s merciful love for men, and in conveying to us new forms of devotion to the Divine Mercy, the practice of which is to lead to the revival of the spiritual life in the spirit of Christian trust and mercy. St Faustina’s Diary, which Jesus Christ ordered her to keep during the last four years of her life, is a kind of journal in which the author recorded current or retrospective events related primarily to the “encounters” of her soul with God.

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