The Judgment


“It is appointed for men to die once and thenJudgment the judgment.”

                                            ~Hebrews 9:27




For Reflection:

Our culture is awash with many false ideas about death. One is the concept of reincarnation. How does this scripture passage refute this idea? This verse also talks about “the judgment.” What do I think this means? On what will I be judged? How would that go if it were to happen today?
(See tomorrow’s Grace Line for some indication.)

gracelinefeature b1517 Divine Mercy in My Soul: Diary of St Faustina
St. Faustina Kowalska  Pb 730 pgs
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Finally on August 1, 1925, Helen crossed the threshold of the cloister in the convent of the Congregation of Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy on Zytnia Street in Warsaw. In her Diary  she declared: “It seemed to me that I had stepped into the life of Paradise. A single prayer was bursting forth from my heart, one of thanksgiving” (Diary, 17). After a few weeks she experienced nonetheless a strong temptation to transfer to a different congregation in which there would be more time for prayer. It was then the Lord Jesus, manifesting to her His wounded and tortured face, said: “It is you who will cause Me this pain if you leave this convent. It is to this place that I called you and nowhere else, and [it is here] I have prepared many graces for you” (Diary, 19).

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