Feast of St. Callistus I, Pope and Martyr (D. 222)

gracelinesheader “In time of persecution the battle wins theconfession4 crown, but in peace it is the testimony of a good conscience.”                                                                                              ~Saint Cyprian


For Reflection:

This quote applies well to St. Callistus who won the crown of martyrdom strengthened by a good conscience that was “virtuously prepared for battle.” In what three ways would my conscience testify for me in such a situation, and in what three ways would it testify against me? Seek the Sacrament of Reconciliation to become strengthened.

gracelinefeature In Conversation with God Vol 5 – b1156 Ordinary Time: Wks 24-34
Francis Fernandez-Carvajal
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44.3 To love the truth and love having it be known.
Jesus says: I am the Truth…Truth has its origin in God…our era has become known as the time of the imposters, of falsehood and lying. Among others, the list of imposters includes those members of the press who, spreading scandalous indiscretions and slanderous insinuations, appeal to people’s lowest instincts, gradually corrupting their moral sense…(one) could add movies, radio, television…useful in themselves, when handled by shrewd operators bombard people…Such media are capable, little by little, of making the best fathers hated by their children, of making white seem black and vice versa. This is how the habits of thought and the customs of people are being transformed today. Whenever possible, we should use the means of communication to give sound doctrine to society as a whole…let us go to Our Lady for her help so that we may live the truth at every moment. She will teach us how to let the truth be known by others.

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