Another Treasure in the Trove

Not long ago I blogged about my determination to clean out two areas of my home that had become overburdened with just too much stuff.

In the last few days, I have made some additional progress largely aided by my kind nephew who has gifted me with his organizational ability, his “let’s get the task done” attitude, and his masculine brawn.

In giving Nathan some instruction about what to put where, I noticed a small collection of books.  I picked them up, dusted off the covers, and began to explore my find.

While five of the volumes have now made it into my home, one in particular caught my eye: The Road to Victory: The Second Front of Prayer by Francis J. Spellman, then Archbishop of New York, copyright 1942.

I turned to the Table of Contents and was immediately captivated. As I perused the book,  I found the words written there to be as fresh today as they were when first penned.

Here is an excerpt from the chapter entitled A Sacred Trust. I shared it on my radio broadcast today.  I would be interested to know what you think of the thoughts and truths it conveys:

The Church has not failed in its mission to men but men and nations have failed to follow God. Men and nations have rebelled against God and have cried out in the words of Lucifer transformed into Satan, “We will not serve.”

Nations have unjustly and cruelly sought to extend their boundaries by recourse to arms in the most widespread, devastating war in history, which if it be not Armageddon, is certainly its vestibule. The Church should have no sword save the Sword of the Spirit. Her mission is promoted by no other weapons save those her Divine Founder left to her: the might of Truth and the disarming power of Charity. These are her entire armament…

The Church, as a voice crying in the wilderness of modern paganism, should not cease to enunciate as the first requisite for real progress the remaking of society, the necessity of personal and moral reform. Without moral standards and faithful, prayerful adherence to those standards, men considered either as individuals or as members of  political and national groups, are but building their own life structures, and their national structures, on sand and on quicksand. 

Would that these words would have been heeded. Would that they would be heeded now.


6 Response to “Another Treasure in the Trove

  1. wonderful quote! what a blessing to find these books and to have such a caring nephew!

  2. Dear Johnette,

    I just love you and Father Ed( been listening LHLA since 2003!) and your willingness to share and help others to grow. We are so similar in our reading styles! I have old copies of all my Dad’s (would’ve been 88 on July 4th) books- a Divine treasure trove too! I am the youngest of 10 and I and my husband came back to the faith fully after a brief foray into the Methodist denom.and was profoundly changed and inspired through Dad’s vast old Catholic library! Mostly Circa 1940’s and 50’s books, some of the best of classics like Bernanos’ ” Diary of A Country Priest” etc. and classics of the faith like St. Francis Desales and Thomas a Kempis, etc. After he passed 10 years ago I read his favorite book The Passion of Fulton Sheen which chronicles the relationship between Sheen and Cardinal Spellman! And became a Sheenophile of sorts- I love Fulton Sheen- he is like my great spiritual intellectual friend!! I like to pick the best- being Catholic we are privileged to pick the best friends starting with Jesus and all the saints down thru the ages! God bless you and save your books somehow in all your organizing-( look at Scott Hahn’s library!) Maybe we can someday have a list of Johnette and Father Ed’s library! Also I was reading the great book Maurice and Therese last year and was so profoundly moved and then just a few weeks later You actually wrote a blog on it! Amazing!! God Love You!

  3. I would love to know more about the book mentioned (Maurice & Therese) in your blog archive. Who is the author, and is that the name of the book? Thank you for all you to to help those who sincerely want to follow Christ and His Church. God bless,
    Barbara Juneau
    Irondale, Al

  4. Do you have a book you recommend on how to forget the past hurts. I have prayed to forgive, but the memory of the words are still there.

  5. Dear Barbara,
    The book is entitled “Maurice and Therese: The Story of a Love,” written by Patrick Ahern.

  6. Dear Polly,
    God has given us the gift of memory. Therefore, we cannot forget past hurts. However, we can get beyond them through the grace of forgiveness — a process that can be lengthy if the hurt is deep. In my book, “Experience Grace in Abundance,” I go into great detail regarding this process in a chapter devoted specifically to forgiveness. There is a complimentary chapter on the importance of asking for forgiveness — two sides of an important coin.
    May God heal you in all of the areas where the wounds of others has hurt and scarred you.