An Integrated Person


“The distance between spirituality and socialSpeaking up 2 action is not as great as many believe. Scripture does not reveal a spiritual man or a secular man. It speaks only of a whole man – integrated by the salvation that Christ brings.”

~Archbishop Fulton Sheen


For Reflection:

To what extent am I an integrated person – do my spiritual beliefs inform my secular opinions?

gracelinefeature Sexuality and Authority in the Catholicb1701 Church
Monica Miller  PB 286 pgs
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Christ’s headship, and thus His authority, is inseparable from His sacrifice on the Cross. From the Cross Christ is head to the Church as the new Adam to the New Eve. This truth about Christ and the Church is made manifest in the Eucharist and forms the basis for the Catholic priesthood. Priestly authority is bound to male sexuality because of the meaning of Christ’s headship as source of the Church.

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