Terrified Family Flees Poltergeist

38856230_sA terrified family from Glasgow, Scotland has been sent fleeing from their home after poltergeist activity resulted in bizarre manifestations that have even the local police scratching their heads.

The Express is reporting on the incident which occurred to a family whose name is being withheld that involved a mother and teenager who contacted police after being left “extremely distressed” by “violent and unexplained circumstances” which have been occurring in their home. Some of these occurrences involved the family’s pet Chihuahua levitating and articles of clothing flying through the air.

“These were incidents that were witnessed by our own officers. Incidents that are not easily explained,” a police source reported. “But officers with more than 20 years’ service are saying they’ve never seen anything like this. It really is something that down-to-earth police officers are having trouble getting their heads round. How do you handle what, despite us liking to use the word, has been described as a poltergeist.”

Officers originally thought the incidents described were related to mental health issues but once they began to witness the events inside the house, they realized this disturbance was real.

As another inside source reported: “The officers witnessed the lights going off, clothes flying across the room and the dog sitting on top of the hedge. The officers called their superiors who also attended thinking the cops were perhaps being a bit silly but it’s being taken very seriously. The fact it was witnessed by our officers has lent itself to a very different but active inquiry.”

Police are now conducting an inquiry into the history of the home, which is located on Stonelaw Road in Rutherglen, and are tracking down previous owners to see if they experienced similar episodes.

Meanwhile, the family, which is described as being devout Catholics, have moved out of the house and are staying with relatives.

A Catholic priest has also performed a blessing on the property.

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