On Knowing God’s Will IV

gracelinesheader “After we have implored the light of theGod convictions Holy Spirit, applied our thought to search for His good pleasure, taken counsel with our director and perhaps two or three other spiritual persons, we must come to a resolution and decision in the name of God.”
~ St. Francis de Sales
For Reflection:
This quote reveals another tactic of the evil one. He will incite doubt, confusion, and uncertainty into our heart so as to hold up our consent to God. What about my own personality or temperament could cause me to fall victim to this strategy? Beg God for the grace to overcome this temptation.

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Abandoned: The Untold Story of the Abortion Wars by Monica Miller: H C, 336 pages
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CHAPTER ONE                    


They were the dismembered limbs of a completely torn and mutilated body and, up until that day, my eyes had never been confronted with such a reality. It was as if an alien word had been spoken, a word I could not at first fully understand until, after much straining, I finally comprehended the message. Someone was trying to speak to me through the silent, shocking vestige of this broken body.

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