Poll: Majority of Voters Want Border Security First

By Susan Brinkmann, OCDS
Staff Journalist

A new poll conducted by Fox News has found that a majority of American voters want the federal government to secure the border before Congress goes to work on new immigration legislation.

According to Fox News, a recently released poll asked American voters what should happen first – secure the border or pass immigration reform. Fifty-nine percent said securing the border should be the top priority with only 30 percent thinking new immigration legislation was more important.

The poll also found that over half of voters – 52 percent – favor Arizona’s controversial new immigration law, which is almost twice as many as those who oppose it (27%).

The poll found that politics is playing a large role in the debate over the Arizona law, with 73 percent of Republicans and 57 percent of independents favoring the Arizona law compared to only 30 percent of Democrats.

Few voters consider immigration as the country’s top issue, however. Only 4 percent say it’s the most important issue for the President to be working on, compared to 32 percent who think the economy and jobs are more imporant, 14 percent who want the Gulf spill to be addressed first, 12 percent who think the deficit is worthy of the top spot and six percent who think health care should be a priority.

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