Feast of St. Philip Neri, 1515 – 1595


“Cast yourself with confidence into the armsGod's AM message of God. And be very sure of this, that if he wants anything of you he will fit you for your work and give you strength to do it.”

                                              ~St. Philip Neri



For Reflection:

What is God asking of me today? How should I approach it and why?


We Need to Talk: God Speaks to a Modern Girl

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But when I was writing, it all went away: the sorrow, the pain, the injustice.  I would slip into another world where I could live through the minds and hearts of my characters.  Someone else in my shoes might have turned to drugs or booze, but not me.  Writing was my therapy.  It was how I numbed the pain.  It was my passion, my great love, my life.  No matter how many put downs and letdowns I suffered, this one bright hope kept me going.  Somewhere, deep down inside where God carves his mark on the soul, I just knew that this was my destiny.

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