Lawyer Plans to Bring Gun into Restrooms

anita staverCommentary by Susan Brinkmann, OCDS

One of the country’s top lawyers says she plans on taking a Glock .45 into the ladies room from now on to protect herself from men posing as women who are using new transgender bathroom laws to victimize women. is reporting on the Tweet recently sent by Anita Staver, president of Liberty Counsel, a public interest law firm.

On April 22, Staver tweeted: “I’m taking a Glock .45 to the ladies room. It identifies as my bodyguard. #BoycottTarget @Target.”

During an interview with liberal Fox News radio host Alan Colmes, he suggested it would be more dangerous for her to bring a gun into the restroom because it might accidentally go off.

Staver wasn’t moved.

“Well nobody’s going into Target with a gun,” she said, “and that’s precisely why women need to avoid Target, because they’re going to be more in danger, and properly trained women taking a concealed handgun shopping with them to prepare for predators that might be in the restroom is just commonsense.”

Colmes then broached a now familiar (and erroneous) talking point about how there have been no increased incidences of predators or crime because of these laws.

The Liberty Counsel has “a list of at least 20 different crimes that have been committed by predators in Target restrooms alone,” Staver said and revealed plans to post the list on the company’s website.

“We’re also pointing to the fact that in order to prepare and save one person, it’s certainly worth getting armed and getting prepared, and it doesn’t take lots and lots of incidences to make women be sure to be prepared. It only takes one if you’re a woman. I don’t want them to be a victim like I was. I was a victim of an attempted assault,” Staver said.

“I’m very sorry to hear that. I’m very sorry that happened to you, but the question is whether or not these laws have led to increased incidents of assault and in state after state…they’ve all said, statements from those states: no additional incidents since laws in those states have gone into effect, so it seems like it’s a solution in search of a problem,” Colmes said.

Staver once again stood firm, explaining that the problem is that Target has advertised its policy, which has lets predators know “that women are easy prey in these places,” she said.

“It doesn’t matter if there were 100 women or 1,000 women. I just need to tell people they need to be prepared and to make sure that they do boycott Target, because it’s a dangerous place.”

She added: “Look, Target was the one that actually put a bullseye on the women by highly publicizing this policy, and that’s caused predators who go around in these different states in the country and target women, and I think women need to be prepared,” Staver added.

Colmes continued to argue in favor of the misguided policies, saying that retailers like Target are only trying to comply with state laws. “You know there already are laws against predators in bathrooms, so if somebody’s doing that, it’s already against the law,” Colmes said.

“But they’re actually letting more people into them regardless of what they look like,” Staver insisted. “There was a man who called himself Colleen up in Washington state who used these laws to go into a women’s locker room and expose himself to a girls’ swim team.”

Colmes hears this and is forced to admit this kind of thing is bound to happen.

“Well that’s gonna happen,” he told her.

“And there was nothing that anybody could do about it, and the girls had to go use a different locker room,” Staver added.


Staver also pointed out that she has seen two videos of men “going up to Target and asking – and they’re not dressed like women – they’re just asking can I go in there, and they were let in.”

“Aren’t you asking for trouble even by making this an issue?” Colmes asked.

“I think it’s already an issue. We need to bring the spotlight onto it for women, and let them know there’s a solution: Get armed. Get trained, and only shop at the places where you can legally carry,” Staver concluded.

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