Love Of God


“A Christian should always rememberGod's Love Proof 2 that the value of his good works is not based on their number and excellence, but on the love of God which prompts him to do these things.”

                             ~St. John of the Cross

For Reflection:

Today I commit to one good work that I will do with the love of God. What will it be?


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                 STRATEGY 4

Our baptism in Christ has profound significance in our lives.  Every action we perform, when directed by the Spirit of God and given over to the will of the Father, becomes a conduit of grace.  A simple act of kindness becomes an act of charity; a word of consolation becomes a source of hope; a tender look becomes a builder of faith.  Such was the case for Jesus; and as members of His body, such is the case for us.  Referencing Galatians 3:27, the Catechism tells us, “The baptized have ‘put on Christ'” (no. 1227).

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