Extending Christ’s Kingdom


“The mission of the priest is to savewoman charicteristics souls. But he cannot do it this effectively unless he has helpers. Now woman, by reason of her deeply religious nature and her power over man, is ideally suited for this task. She should, therefore, joyfully and methodically cooperate with the clergy in the noble task of extending Christ’s Kingdom on earth.
                                     ~Rev. James Alberione
For Reflection:
In what one way can I cooperate with the clergy “in the noble task of extending Christ’s Kingdom on earth”?

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Engage in Prayer
In prayer, we come to know God, and knowledge of Him informs us of His love. Through prayer, we come to love God, and love of Him reforms our life.  With prayer, we come to serve God, and service in him transforms our hearts.  By prayer, we achieve the purpose of our existence even as we attain to eternal life. In knowing, loving, and serving God, we are informed, reformed, and transformed.

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