Daleiden Demands Apology from Texas DA

Harris County DAAfter being served with trumped-up charges by a Texas grand jury, the man behind the videos that exposed Planned Parenthood’s trafficking in fetal baby parts is not only refusing to accept a plea deal for the bogus charges, but is demanding an apology from the District Attorney.

LifeSiteNews is reporting on the latest developments in the case against Daleiden and The Center for Medical Progress who produced nearly a dozen videos exposing Planned Parenthood executives bartering over fetal body parts. These videos prompted investigations in several states, including Texas, where a grand jury under the purview of the “pro-life” District Attorney of Harris County, Devon Anderson, looked into the matter.

However, instead of filing charges against Planned Parenthood, they charged Daleiden and an associate with a felony related to tampering with a governmental record (they used a fake California driver’s license to gain access to meetings) and a misdemeanor count related to buying human tissue. If convicted, Daleiden faces 20 years in prison.

As for Planned Parenthood and the incriminating evidence of possible illegal trafficking in fetal body parts, an attorney for the abortion giant admitted that the grand jury never even voted on the charges, nor was anyone from the clinic ever called to testify.

In other words, these bogus charges are politically motivated. Not only does the DA’s office employ a board member of Planned Parenthood, but LifeNews has uncovered evidence that the District Attorney has had a long standing relationship with the lawyer who represented the “Kermit Gosnell of Houston”, a notorious late term abortionist named Douglas Karpen. The lawyer, Chip Lewis, donated $25,000 to Anderson’s political campaign. Anderson failed to prosecute Karpen in spite of claiming to be pro-life on the campaign trail, a decision for which she is still being criticized.

Devon Anderson,  Harris County DA

Devon Anderson,
Harris County DA

For all of the above reasons, Daleiden and his attorneys are refusing to accept a plea deal.

“The only thing we’re going to accept right now is an apology,” said Terry Yates, one of four attorneys who accompanied Daleiden to the courthouse yesterday.

Yates confirmed that instead of accepting the plea deal, they made a counter offer which is not likely to be accepted.

The case is now scheduled for a hearing before Judge Brock Thomas of Texas District 338 on March 28.

“The old Texas expression ‘all hat and no cattle’ – that’s what we believe these indictments are. There’s not much to them,” Yates commented to the press.

Peter Breen of the Thomas More Society, who also works on Daleiden’s legal team, said his client deserves nothing less than an apology.

“He deserves an apology,” Breen said. “He is innocent.”

LifeSite reports that Daleiden’s legal team feels certain he will prevail on the substance of the charges without admitting guilt to any of them.

“The reality is David is a modern day hero,” said Jared Woodfill, another Daleiden attorney. “He has exposed the wrongdoing that has been occurring at abortion clinics all across this country. And the fact that he’s here today is a miscarriage of justice.”

“He will be vindicated,” he said.

But until then, Planned Parenthood’s nefarious activities will be allowed to continue.

“I think we all know that every day that goes by that the Texas authorities do not prosecute Planned Parenthood for their illegal trade in baby parts, they are sending a message to the entire country,” Daleiden told supporters outside the courthouse. “The state of Texas right now is open for business in baby body parts.”

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