Never Stop!


St Teresa Avila2

 “The only way to fail is to stop.”

                ~St. Teresa of Avila









For Reflection:

How does this quote speak to me today?                                                                                gracelinefeature



Simon Peter School Scripture Study A-Z Memory Verses Teacher’s Manual (3rd – 5th Grades) by Tammy Woell Paperback 77 pages
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The teacher’s manual has a general guide for initiating the study in a home school or parish and detailed lesson plans with reduced student book pages and many optional activities, certificates, prayers, songs, and resources. A real treasure for any teacher!                                                              Introduction
This Scripture study has been used in Catholic schools, parishes and homes since 1986.
It is a “hands on” study that introduces children to the Bible in a fun and interactive way, and involves the parents in the process. 

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