Feast of St. Sebastian, Martyr


“If there are many persecutions, there areTrials & Tribulations 3 many testings; where there are many crowns of victory, there are many trials of strength. It is then to your advantage if there are many persecutors; among many persecutions you may more easily find a path to victory.”

                          ~St. Ambrose on Martyrdom

For Reflection:

What “path to victory” have I found in past persecutions? How does this help me seek the path to victory in my current trial?


Simon Peter School Scripture Study b1549A-Z Memory Verses Student Book (3rd Grade – 5th Grades)
by Tammy Woell  PB 76 pages
Teacher Guide & CD available, too!
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General Instructions

After each Scripture class:
-Take your memory verse page home.  Color the picture, highlight the vocabulary words, complete the assigned activity  and cut out and complete the Memory Verse Reminder (in the back of the book).  Practice reciting the memory verse to your parents.

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