Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe


“The Word of God is present in [Mary],Mary Our Lady of Guadalupe7 dwells within her, and takes hold of all the capabilities of her intelligence, her heart, her sensibility. Her entire being is mobilized by God and for God.”

~Father Marie-Dominique Phillippe, O.P.


For Reflection:

Our Lady of Guadalupe appears to Juan Diego pregnant with Jesus. How do you think she images this quote through her apparitions?




Living Life Abundantly
by Johnnette Benkovic
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And so it is today.  In the next few pages you will encounter the stories of men and women who did not give up on God, even when tragedy and loss seemed inevitable. And yet, theirs are also stories of hope. Rather than allow difficult circumstances to undermine their confidence in God, these people continued to trust in the One who holds their lives in His hands. As a result, their faith became strong having been tested in the crucible of travail.

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