Petition Launched to Cancel “Scandal”

scandalOutrage over an episode of ABC’s Scandal that featured an abortion taking place while Silent Night was playing in the background has spread across the country and resulted in a petition drive to have the show taken off the air.

A petition aiming at 10,000 signatures has been launched at CitizenGo and has already reached 8,600 signatures as Christians across the country voice their indignation over the episode that not only depicts the death of a child in abortion but does so to the tune of one of Christianity’s most beloved hymns celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.

Later in the show, the character is shown happily sipping wine after the abortion while Ave Maria plays in the background.

ABC and the creator of Scandal celebrated the murder of an innocent human being in their storyline, paired discordantly with music that celebrates the birth of Christ Jesus,” the petition reads. “This is outrageous and unacceptable. Although television producers should have the ability to exercise free speech, we have the right to respond with our outrage and dissatisfaction when the views they espouse are abhorrant.”

The petition is aimed at ABC’s Director of Consumer Affairs and Scandal producer Shonda Rhimes, asking them to cancel the pro-abortion show.

“Shilling for Planned Parenthood while they are under federal investigations for trafficking in the dismembered body parts of baby human beings is simply beyond the pale,” the petition continues. “ABC should immediately cancel Scandal and issue an apology for celebrating the callous disposal of human life in the womb on their network.”

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