Our Lady’s Rosary


        Our Lady’s Rosary
Dear Mother, I bring Thee roses rosary-madonna7
Because they are so sweet,
But lilies, my favorite flowers
I am placing at Thy feet.
Accept with each Hail Mary
A rose for Thy crown so bright,
Please don’t forget the lilies,
The lilies so pure and white.
Let them be a bond of love
And understanding rare,
And send a blessing from above
In answer to my prayer.
Loneliness would be unknown
If more people came to Thee,
With their trials and sorrows
And said their Rosary.
With each Hail Mary, they would find
Their load much lighter grow,
And in humility, kiss the cross
In peace, would onward go.
                        ~Alice W. Sparks

For Reflection:

How has my load been made lighter this past month as I have prayed the Rosary? Am I willing to make the Rosary a daily prayer? Why or why not?


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Preface by Cardinal O’Connell

Hence, the role of Mary, Mother of God and Mediatrix of All Grace, ought not to be overlooked.  Indeed, the recognition of the high dignity granted her by God leads her clients toward a richer understanding of the mysteries of Christ and a fuller participation in the fruits of the Redemption.

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