A Proper Light


“Into [the Rosary] one may take his wholeRosary St. Therese of Lisieux life – joys and sorrows, men and things, everything – as he would take it to someone whose presence he finds restful, not to find out how he might act with more success, but to put everything into a proper light.”

                                 ~Romano Guardini



For Reflection:

Do I bring the whole of my life to the Rosary when I pray? What is the difference between going to pray searching for an answer and going to prayer seeking wisdom? Which is the greater gift? How can the Rosary help me to attain it?


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Preface by Cardinal O’Connell

It was with my encouragement that there was formed among them a “Blessed De Montfort Society.”  The Legion of Mary, which we have heartily encouraged in our diocese with such happy results, derives from the spiritual teachings of Montfort to such an extent that he is said to be the “tutor of the Legion”.  Several confraternities of Mary, Queen of All Hearts, are at present propagating the perfect Devotion in various centers throughout the United States.

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