Queen of the Holy Rosary!


Queen of the Holy Rosary!Maryqueen-rosary
Thee as our Queen we greet,
And lay our lowly, loving prayers
Like roses at thy feet.
Would that these blossoms of our souls
Were far more fair and sweet.
Queen of the Joyful Mysteries!
Glad news God’s envoy bore.
The Baptist’s mother thou didst tend;
Angels thy Babe adore,
Whom with two doves thou ransomest;
Lost, He is found once more.
Queen of the Dolorous Mysteries!
Christ ‘mid the olives bled,
Scourged at the pillar, crowned with thorns,
Beneath His Cross He sped
Up the steep hill; and there once more
Thine arms embraced Him–dead!
Queen of the Glorious Mysteries!
Christ from the tomb has flown,
Has mounted to the highest heaven
And sent His Spirit down
And soon He raises thee on high
To wear thy heavenly crown.
Queen of the Holy Rosary!
We, too, have joys and woes.
May they, like thine, to triumph lead!
May labor earn repose,
And may life’s sorrows and life’s joys
In heavenly glory close.
                                 ~Cyril Robert
For Reflection:
As I contemplate this poem, how have I seen the mysteries of Christ’s life reflected in my own? How can this identification help me to pray the Rosary with greater recollection?



Called to Knighthood :The Sacrament of Confirmation in the Kingdom Family of God by Thomas K Sullivan  Pb 70 pgs
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Old Testament  Background   page 13

A king assumes the throne he inherits from his father.  This is known as dynastic succession. Initially, God established His kingdom under the kingship of David; and, we refer to it now as the Davidic Dynasty.  the next thing we notice is that Israel is not only a nation but also a kingdom–a kingdom of priests, prophets and kings.  A kingdom is different from our society because it is a monarchical form of government, meaning, that the solemn rule of authority rests in one person–a king or a queen.


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