Anti-Pope Rocker Fails to Upstage Papal Visit

Commentary by Susan Brinkmann, OCDS

A heavy-metal band that bills itself as the “anti-Pope” was scheduled to play the Union Transfer in Philadelphia on the weekend of the pope’s visit, but tight security has caused the satanic rockers to reschedule their show until after Francis leaves.

Newsworks is reporting on the ruined plans of Ghost, a Swedish heavy metal band that prides itself on dressing up like Catholic clergy and using stage props that suggest the trappings of a black mass. The group, headed by Papa Emeritus III, is planning to tour North America next month to promote its new release, “Meliora,” and wanted to counter the pope’s peaceful message to the faithful by staging their ghoulish show at a theater that was only a few blocks from the papal venue.

In a new video about the planned concert entitled, The Summoning III: The Battle for Philadelphia, a sinister looking woman announces that their plans would have to be changed.

“Children of Philadelphia. You are a special city. We have been pleased with the growing instability toward Frankie’s visit next month. And we were especially pleased to register a sold out concert on the same day that Frankie would be blathering to the minions!” the woman says. “But we also sensed a growing unrest amongst the church, especially the particular amount of attention they began paying to the Ghost concert. But we were ready to persevere in the name of the unholy and allow the dark side of Philadelphia to shine through while Frankie was in town.”

That is, until they received a letter from the city which the woman waves around furiously while saying that their “Ghost vs. Pope” publicity stunt was scheduled to take place in a building located within the “traffic box”, the zone created by the city of Philadelphia where traffic will be restricted. As a result, it will be nearly impossible for fans to reach the building or for the group to unload its elaborate stage props.

As a result, they were forced to cancel the event and reschedule it for a few days after the Pope leaves town.

The band, which “performs pop hymns that glorify and glamorize the disgusting and sacrilegious” according to its Facebook page, was reminded of a basic truth they certainly don’t like to acknowledge – their master takes his orders from Jesus Christ. Obviously, Jesus wasn’t about to let His show be upstaged by a bunch of guys in bad make-up and cheesy costumes who rely on sacrilegious props and blasphemous lyrics to sell tickets.

And so their show will not go on and the Pope will have the stage all to himself.

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