The “Fetal Body Parts Just Used for Research” Myth

test tube babyCommentary by Susan Brinkmann, OCDS

As horrifying as it is to report, the idea that fetal body parts are necessary to further medical research is nothing more than a myth, which is why infant remains show up in everything from food and fragrances to skin-care creams.

In hard-hitting article appearing on Aleteia, Patty Maguire Armstrong writes about the true extent of the use of fetal body parts. It goes far beyond the “just for scientific research” myth being promulgated by progressive pundits anxious to calm the public’s angst over the release of videos showing the callous and hard-hearted business of fetal baby part mining at Planned Parenthood.

Three years ago, Debi Vinnedge, founder and executive director of the pro-life foundation, Children of God for Life, discovered that fetal tissue was being used by the biotechnology company, Senomyx, in research and development of additives that can be used to enhance flavor in foods. One of their products was described as HEK 293 which stands for “human embryonic kidney” cells. The “293” stands for the number of experiments performed with the cells.

Vinnedge discovered 77 patents owned by Senomyx which used fetal cells that impacted products such as Coca-Cola, Campbell Soup, Kraft, Nestle and Cadbury. She started a boycott that ultimately led to the end of many contracts with Senomyx.

But that’s not the only place where fetal body parts are showing up these days. They are also used in anti-aging skin creams.

A case in point involves Neocutis Cosmetics which actually advertised that they used aborted baby tissue fin their product development.

The company’s website claims that “a dedicated cell bank was established for developing new skin treatments using a single biopsy of fetal skin.”

This fetal skin, used to make the company’s trademarked ingredient known as “Processed Skin Proteins” came from the body of a 14 week-old boy.

The company claims no additional fetal biopsies will ever be required which is why Neocutis President Mark J. Lemko told Vinnedge that he feels the company is “in complete compliance with the laws of God and the laws of man.”

“Regardless of how long ago a cell line was established, it exists only because an unborn baby was given greater value dead than alive,” Armstrong summarizes.

“Nazi Germany also did scientific research using one part of humanity for the benefit of another. It is thoroughly evil. By comparison, if a beautiful antique lampshade were discovered to have been made in a German concentration camp with the skin of a Jewish person, no moral person would keep it and say, ‘Well, that was a long time ago’.”

She goes on to refer to statements by the Stanford educated Theresa Deisher, Ph.D. in which she explained the core problem with believing fetal material is “necessary” for research.

“Once we turn a blind eye to the baby being a person or say we are only going to do it once, the flood gates are opened.”

Deisher, who holds a Ph.D. in Molecular and Cellular Physiology from Stanford University worked in the biomedical industry for 20 years before being awakened to the need to respect the unborn.

Speaking as a former insider, she said, “People don’t want to walk the hard walk or to look like they are not progressive. But what is progressive about taking a baby and chopping it up to make vaccines or do research?”

Even though the media and abortion industry are scrambling to put out the fire from the baby parts scandal and are using the “we need to use baby parts for research that saves lives” excuse – this is nothing more than an attempt to paint an acceptable facade over a very unacceptable abuse of human life.

“The rest of us don’t actually want to watch the [Planned Parenthood] videos,” Armstrong says. “We simply must. If we are against any of it, we must be against all of it. And we must do what we can to stop it or innocent blood is on our hands too.”

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