All Loving And Forgiving


“When you are excited to impatience,InnerPeace_large think for a moment how much more reason God has to be angry with you, than you can have for anger against any human being; and yet how constant is His patience and forbearance.”
                    -St. Elizabeth Anne Seton

For Reflection:
For what could God be most angry with me at this moment? Ask for forgiveness and extend His forgiveness to the one you are currently most impatient with. (See tomorrow’s Grace Line for another saint’s suggestion to acquire patience.)



The Angels and Their Mission: According to the Fathers of the Church
Jean Danielou  Pb 144 pgs
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Introduction  page ix-x

… and shown them first of all announcing the gospel to the shepherds, consoling Christ in His agony, watching over the souls of the baptized, aiding the hermits in their temptation, leading the saints to paradise, and raising the dead from the tomb.  But we would not fully understand the joyous hymns with which they greet the comings of Christ unless we had first shared in their patience during the advent of their waiting.

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