Following Christ


“Fly a thousand miles from saying, ‘I wasCrucifixionDeath1 in the right: it was not right for me to suffer this, they had no right to do such a thing to me.’ Do you think there was any question of rights when Jesus suffered the injuries which were so unrighteously inflicted on Him?”

                             -St. Teresa of Avila

For Reflection:

How does the “rights” and “entitlement” mindset of our contemporary culture affect me with regard to the virtue of patience? What practical steps or strategies can I take to alleviate its influence?



The Angels and Their Mission: According to the Fathers of the Church
Jean Danielou  Pb 144 pgs
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Introduction  page vii

Others, justifiably reacting against these tendencies, show a lively interest in the invisible world; but they seek to penetrate it by means of spiritism or theosophy, and, by their imprudent attempts, they stray from the one single way of access that is given to us:  Jesus Christ.

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