The Pill Really Does Kill!

Fallan Kurek

Fallan Kurek

Just 18 days after a 21 year-old Australian woman died of blood clots caused by birth control pills, the American Life League (ALL) is launching its eighth annual “The Pill Kills” campaign this Saturday to get the word out to women that the pill really does kill!

According to ALL, over 50 co-sponsors and 22 states and Australia are planning to participate in The Pill Kills National Day of Action campaign on Saturday, June 6. This year’s theme is “The Pill Kills Truth.” A variety of events have been scheduled in the U.S. and abroad to draw attention to the fact that women such as 21 year-old Fallan Kurek of New South Wales, Australia, are dying every day from artificial birth control.

In Kurek’s case, she had only been on the pill for 25 days when she suddenly couldn’t breathe and began experiencing pain in her legs and ribs. She was misdiagnosed as having a bruised sternum. Four days later, she collapsed and was rushed to the hospital where she died on May 14. An autopsy revealed she suffered a massive blood clot on her lung.

“Annually, one in every 3000 women taking birth control pills will develop blood clots,” writes ALL founder and president Judie Brown. “It is well known all across the medical community that the pill increases the risk for deadly blood clots. And that information is indeed printed on the very lengthy packet insert, which most women never read. But it is not displayed on the packet, the label, or any other prominent place. And even knowing of the possibility of blood clots, medical personnel didn’t connect the dots for Fallan Kurek.”

As Fallan’s mother said, her daughter died, “all because of 25 days” on the pill.

Sadly, Fallan’s case is not an anomaly. In just the past two weeks, ALL has received numerous letters about injuries sustained by women taking hormonal contraception. In one case, the mother of a 29 year old girl told the heartbreaking story of how her daughter went blind after receiving massive doses of Provera along with a Mirena IUD. 

Rigevidon, the type of pills Kurek was taking at the time of her death

Rigevidon, the type of pills Kurek was taking at the time of her death

Another mother reported that her daughter was only 12 years old when doctors put her on Yasmin. Three months later the child had a stroke and now suffers from aphasia, a communication disorder that results from injury to certain areas of the brain. There are currently more than 10,000 lawsuits pending against Bayer, the manufacturer of the drug, by women who have been injured on Yasmin and Yaz birth control pills.

Women are not being given the information they need about the birth control they’re taking, which is why The Pill Kills campaign takes place every year.

“Wherever the poison pill is being distributed—whether it is the local Planned Parenthood, CVS, Walgreens, or Walmart—we must be present on June 6 to educate women who are still being preyed upon by the Big Pharma profiteers and the culture of death,” Brown writes.

She also points out that the pill doesn’t just hurt women – drugs such as the IUD, Depo-Provera, NuvaRing, the Ortho-Evra patch and Plan B Morning-After-Pills are all abortifacients that also kill babies. These drugs affect the lining of the uterus by making it hostile to implantation by a fertilized egg, thus causing an early abortion.

“The pill kills babies, hurts and sometimes kills women as well, causes cancer and other illnesses, and has had adverse effects even on our ecology and in waterways,” says Brown.

Rita Diller, director of ALL’s STOPP International, is encouraging everyone to reach out to women on June 6 and get them the vital information they need to make fully informed decisions about their bodies.

“On June 6, we will hit the streets and the Internet to decry the Griswold decision and the havoc the pill brings to women’s lives and to our world. Doctors, nurses, lawyers, clergy, moms, and dads from all walks of life — with facts in hand — will refute the lies of Planned Parenthood and Big Pharma.”

People can organize events in their area or, if they can’t participate in person but have access to Facebook and Twitter, you can share information from ALL’s The Pill Kills website. You can also help them to take over Twitter by using the hashtag #ThePillKills on June 6 or before to raise global awareness about the dangers of contraceptives.

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