Thou Alone


O sweetest Lord Jesus Christ, mayGodPerfectLove my soul ever yearn towards Thee:
May my soul seek Thee, find Thee, tend towards attainment of Thee,
Ever meditate on Thee, and do all things to the praise and glory of Thy Holy Name.
Do Thou alone be my hope, my whole trust, my delight, my joy, my rest, my peace and my sweet contentment.
Do Thou alone be my refuge and my help, my wisdom and my possession, my treasure in whom my heart and my soul remain fixed immovably, forever. Amen
                         -St. Bonaventure
For Reflection:
I will pray this prayer from my heart, uniting myself to Jesus Christ my Lord, confident in the mercy of the Father and the grace of the Holy Spirit.


The Privilege of Being a Womanb1523
Alice von Hildebrand
Pb 118 pgs
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PART I I  Page 15
Arguments For the Privilege of Being a Woman
In order to understand the greatness of a woman’s mission, we must open our minds and hearts to the message of the supernatural.  It is the key that will reveal to us the greatness of femininity.  All the arguments which seem to favor the thesis that the Bible has been discriminating against women from the very beginning can easily be reversed by interpreting the sacred text with the eyes of faith.

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