Like A Rock


“Consider seriously how quickly peopleHeaven1 change, and how little trust is to be had in them; and hold fast to God, who does not change.”
                   -St. Teresa of Avila

For Reflection:

Many people today place their hope in pop psychology and self-help books. While good counsel is always beneficial in a time of need, it must be council that is rooted in Christ.
See tomorrow’s Grace Line to find out why.


The Privilege of Being a Womanb1523
Alice von Hildebrand
Pb 118 pgs
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PART I   Page 3
Arguments Against the Privilege of Being a Woman

Bluntly Speaking, women have traditionally been considered “inferior” to men.  This is the dictate of nature:  “Anatomy is destiny.”  To plead their cause, feminist scholars have been efficient  at unearthing nasty things that men have said or written about women. That many famous men have spoken disparagingly of women cannot be denied.

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