God’s Will Done


“A broken heart and God’s will doneGod's Plan would be better than that God’s will should be avoided.”
                                  -R. H. Benson

For Reflection:

If I truly believe that nothing happens outside of the providence of God, and that even in the sorrows and trials of life God is working out a great good, then how can hope and confident assurance in God escape me? What sweet and holy joy can be found in the midst of pain and suffering? (See tomorrow’s Grace Line for a poetic expression of this sentiment.)


Manual for Spiritual Warfare


Paul Thigpen (344 pgs)

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Page IX

The first part of this book lays out the biblical and theological foundations for our warfare with the Devil. The second part offers aids for the battle: Church documents, scriptural texts, words and anecdotes from the saints, prayers and hymns, and further resources for study.

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