Woe Is Me…


“If we were not prepared to meet theguilt4 temptations that we are to undergo, we would open the door to a great enemy – discouragement and gloominess.”
                           -Francis Fernandez

For Reflection:
Wow! Could it be that my discouragement and gloominess comes from being ill-prepared to meet the temptations and challenges of life? How can I be better prepared? (Tomorrow’s Grace Line will give you some ways.)


In Conversation With God Vol 2 – Lent and Easter
Francis Fernandez-Carvajal     Pb 609 pgs
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b1153Page 6
1.2 Works of penance.  Frequent confession, mortification, alms-giving.

That is why whenever we recognize something as a defect in our lives, as a weakness…, we should immediately refer it to this type of intimate and direct examination: ‘I do not seem to have the ability to persevere:  I am not close to Christ.  I am not cheerful:  I am not close to Christ.  And Christ is saying:  Come on!  Turn around!  Return to me with all your heart!’

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