Wise, Good, Powerful And Merciful


“Let us remember these great truthsGod'swillsufferingisgrace(1) There is nothing, however small or apparently indifferent, which has not been ordained or permitted by God – even to the fall of a leaf.
(2) God is sufficiently wise, good, powerful and merciful to turn those events which are apparently the most calamitous to the good and advantage of those who know how to adore and accept with humility all that His divine and adorable will permits.
        -Jean-Pierre De Caussade, S.J.

For Reflection:

Meditating on the second truth that Jean-Pierre De Caussade offers, do I truly believe that God is wise, good, powerful and merciful?  Do I truly believe that God can and will turn the calamity and suffering of my life to my good and advantage?  Have I witnessed this in the past?


In Conversation With God Vol 2 – Lent and Easter
Francis Fernandez-Carvajal     Pb 609 pgs
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b1153Page 1-2
1.1 Working towards a conversion of Heart, especially during this time.

     God wants us to detach ourselves from the things of the earth and return to Him.  He wants us to abandon sin, which makes us grow old and die, and for us to return to the fount of life and joy.  Jesus Christ himself is the most sublime grace of the whole of Lent.  It is He who presents himself to us in all the wonderful simplicity of the Gospel.

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