Quiet, Please!


“The love of talk distracts all the powers of oursilence3 soul from God, and fills them with earthly objects and impressions like a vessel of water which cannot be clear and settled while you are continually stirring the earthly particles from the bottom.”

                    -St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

For Reflection:

The powers of the soul are will, reason, and emotion. How can the “love of talk” draw these away from God? To what extent have I seen this to be true in myself? What practical strategies can I use to mortify myself of this tendency?
(See tomorrow’s Graceline to see how silence leads to wisdom.)



Life of Union with Mary
NEW! Fr. Emile Neubert, SM

PB 294 Pages
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Chapter Three   Page 13

Do Not Separate What God Has United

St Margaret Mary relates in her autobiography:  “The most Blessed Virgin has always taken wonderful care of me.  I have always had recourse to her in all my needs, and she has saved me from very great dangers.”…We know well that the Blessed Virgin did not keep Margaret Mary for herself but prepared her for a life of exceptional union with her Son….The saint relates that one day our Lord said to her:  “I have placed you in the care of my holy Mother, as a deposit in trust, so that she may fashion you according to my pattern.”

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