Sweet Peace


“It is good when a soul lovessolitude7 solitude; it’s a sign that it takes delight in God and enjoys speaking with Him.”

                                 -St. Jane Frances de Chantal

For Reflection:

On a scale of one to ten – one being complete unrest and ten being utter solitude, where does my soul rank? What does this tell me about the level of my “delight in God?” (See tomorrow’s Graceline to see the gift that comes with quiet.)



Life of Union with Mary
NEW! Fr. Emile Neubert, SM

PB 294 Pages
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Chapter Three   Page 12

Do Not Separate What God Has United

Cardinal de Berulle, for example, made this statement:  To speak of Mary is to speak of Jesus; to honor Mary  is to honor Jesus; it is even honoring Jesus in his greatest work….Jesus and Mary are so intimately bound together that we must not separate them in our devotions.


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