Dying To Self


“I used to approach Jesus frequently saying,dying to self6 ‘What do you wish from me?’ He would reply, ‘that you die to yourself, that you rise above your worldly interests; die to everything, even to those affections that seem to be holy, live at a level where life’s contradictions don’t disturb you, where attentions don’t flatter you. Seek only God and His interests.’”

      -Venerable Julia Navarrete Guerrero

For Reflection:

Which part of Jesus’ reply to Venerable Julia might He be saying to me today? What is my response to Him?


Virtuous Leadership: An Agenda for Personal Excellence
by Alexandre Havard
b1615HB 172 pgs
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Page xix

Because virtue is a habit acquired through practice, I say leaders are not born, but trained.  Not everyone can become president or prime minister or win the Nobel Prize for Literature or play center field for the New York Yankees.  But everyone can grow in virtue. Leadership excludes no one.


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