A Spirit of Prayer


“Mary is always at prayer becausePrayer2 she does everything with reference to her Son: when she talks to Jesus she prays for prayer is talking to God. She prays each time she looks at Him that is prayer, too. She prays when she asks Him for something or whenever she smiles at Him or when she thinks about Him. Her life was determined by Jesus, and her thoughts were set permanently on Him.”

                          -Francis Fernandez

For Reflection:

How many forms of prayer do I see modeled in this statement about our Blessed Mother’s life of prayer? Why was Mary “always at prayer?” To what extent am I “always at prayer”? How can I become more so?


b1637Seeking Spiritual Direction: How to Grow the Divine Life Within
Fr. Thomas Dubay
Pb 301 pgs
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Page 13

Or to put the matter positively, spiritual direction aims at sensitizing a person for the perception of the divine loveliness reflected in the splendors of the universe, but mostly in the life of grace vibrantly lived.




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