Our Perfect Role Model



 “Perform faithfully what God requires of you eachSt JanedeChantal2 moment and leave the thought of everything else to Him. I assure you that to live in this way will bring you great peace.”

           -St. Jane Frances De Chantal




For Reflection:           

St. Jane De Chantal gives a secret to the peace-filled life. What are her two recommendations? I will identify the first and pray for the grace to follow through with the second.


True Devotion

“…there is a growing feeling of something inspired and supernatural about it, as we go on studying it; and with that we cannot help experiencing, after repeated readings of it, that its novelty never seems to wear off, nor its fullness to be diminished, nor the fresh fragrance and sensible fire of its unction ever to abate.
                       -F. W. Faber, Preface 

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