Is there an Archangel Named Jophiel?

archangel jophielJA asks: “Have  you heard of the Archangel Jophiel?”

The Archangel Jophiel supposedly originates in Jewish and Kabalistic lore where he is regarded as a member of the angelic choir known as the Cherubim. In Hebrew, the name means “beauty of God” or “my rock is God”. Some believe this was the angel that cast Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden; however, there is no evidence of this, nor is there any biblical mention of such an angel.

Not surprisingly, this Archangel has become a favorite among New Agers who seek him for a variety of reasons.

For example, Sharon Taphorn, a Reiki Master and spiritual intuitive, tells people that Jophiel can help a person “elevate their thoughts to higher wisdom”, keep the “energy” in their homes and lives more balanced, and enable them to see the beauty of others.

The Ascension Research Center claims Jophiel was the “First World Teacher” for our world.

Ivy Rose Holistic claims Jophiel was the Prince of the Cherubim who watched over the sons of Noah and is known to have a “feminine energy”. He/she is to be invoked when one needs clarity, such as when studying for exams, or for creative tasks such as cake decorating and flower arranging. He/she is also useful to help people who are campaigning for issues such as animal rights and the environment. When searching for sources for these claims, I found: ” . . . Research and ideas from various sources including books, websites, angel card readings, the writer’s own inspiration/connection and suggestions from others.”

We know from Scripture and Tradition that the number of angels is staggering, but the Holy Spirit has revealed the names of only a few – namely, Michael, Gabriel and Raphael. It is not at all likely that He would choose to reveal the names of other angels to spiritual intuitives and Reiki masters rather than to the Church.

In other words, if a being named Jophiel tries to make contact with you, get out the holy water and start invoking the name of Jesus!

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