Feast of St. Joseph Worker

                                                Joseph, patron saint of workers,St Joseph the worker2

Blending skill with charity,

Silent carpenter, we praise you!

Joining work with honesty,

You taught Christ with joy to labor

Sharing his nobility.


Joseph, close to Christ and Mary,

Lived with them in poverty,

Shared with them their home and labor,

Worked with noble dignity.

May we seek God’s will as you did,St Joseph the worker1

Leader of his family!


Joseph, workmen’s inspiration,

Man of faith and charity,

Make us honest, humble, faithful,

Strong with Christ’s true liberty,

Make our labor and our leisure

Fruitful to eternity!

                                               – Bernard C. Mischke, O.S.C.


st joseph





For Reflection:           

How is my labor and my leisure fruitful for my salvation and that of others? What one thing can I do in each to make it more so?

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