ABC Censors Anti-Obamacare Ad

by Susan Brinkmann, OCDS
Staff Writer

ABC is coming under fire once again for refusing to air ads that oppose government run health care.

According to a report by, the League of American Voters (LAV) submitted an ad to ABC that has been running on other networks in 12 states. The ad, which opposes government run health care, was rejected by the network.

“ABC television has banned our TV ad from airing on its network,” said Bob Adams, director of LAV, to Life News. “With our success, we were planning to go national, so we sent the ad to the major networks.”

The ad was crafted by Dick Morris, the Fox News contributor and political strategist, and “simply tells the truth about Obamacare,” Adams said.

The commercial features a respected neurosurgeon who warns that the Obama-backed health care plan will decimate health care for seniors and others in need of life-saving medical procedures. The doctor explains that if 50 million new patients are added to the government system, it will inevitably lead to rationing of healthcare procedures and vital medicines for the elderly, which is already happening in Canada and England.

“We know why ABC is so afraid of the League’s TV ad. It knows the message resonates with the American people,” Adams says. “Clearly, ABC knows seniors will not be hoodwinked by Obama when they learn the truth.”

This is not he first time ABC has censored ads that do no support the government plan. During it’s White House-based Health Care Special that ran in June, it refused to air an ad by Conservatives for Patients Rights because it opposed Obama’s plan.

“Despite ABC’s brazen act of censorship, we need to continue to run this ad on other stations across the nation and on major networks,” Adams said. “The ABC decision proves we are on the right track.”

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