Homosexuals Throw Feces at Christian Parents

Rainbow gay pride flag on the blue skyParents in Germany who gathered to protest a new “sexual diversity” curriculum being introduced into schools were horrified when homosexual activists attacked them by hurling feces and shouting obscenities in order stop their protest.

LifeSiteNews is reporting about the incident which was documented by the Observatory on Intolerance and Discrimination against Christians.

“Protesters were physically attacked and it was felt that the police failed to protect the parents’ basic right of assembly,” the Observatory said about recent rallies that took place in Baden-Württemberg and Cologne.

Eyewitnesses reported that Christian parents “were spit at, eggs were thrown, and little bags with feces or color. Cables of loud speakers were torn out. Pages were ripped out of the bible and used to wipe backsides, then formed into a ball and thrown at the parents.”

As a result, “Christians were deeply hurt in this process,” the Observatory reported.

“At least one banner was snatched and destroyed in front of the eyes of the parents. Marshals were target[ed] with pepper sprays. Shouting by counter-demonstrator[s] made the planned public speaking partly impossible.”

Many parents were reportedly “shocked at the amount of the hatred and at the inactivity of the police . . . ”

Up to 1,000 parents, some with their children, organized to express their dismay regarding the early sexualization of school children being promoted in a new sex-ed plan sponsored by the Green and Socialist government parties in Baden-Wurttemberg.

As LifeSite reports, supporters say the new program “will promote tolerance of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual and intersexual people.”

However, critics say it goes “beyond the aim of preventing discrimination” and will advocate “the ideology of the rainbow.”

Thus far, the parent-launched petition drive against the program has garnered nearly 200,000 signatures.

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