Can Catholics Use Reconnective Healing?

ERic PearlMN writes: “Is Dr. Eric Pearl’s Reconnective Healing appropriate for Catholics?”

No it is not.

Here is how Dr. Pearl, a chiropractor, describes Reconnective Healing on his website:

“First, we help you become more intrinsically aware of the universal intelligence that created all life forms. Next, we teach you how to tune into and access the healing frequencies of this intelligence, from both inside and out. Lastly, we demonstrate how to bring in this intelligence and interact with it at a more comprehensive and evolved level – to inform, guide, heal, and transform your life. The Reconnection® principle is simple, and the outcome is revolutionary: There is a healing power that transcends the limitations of human ability and imagination. By opening to it, without preconceived agendas, we are able to restore balance and harmony in our lives and, as such, transform our bodies, hearts, minds, and souls in ways that otherwise may seem impossible.”

Essentially, one need only tap into this universal intelligence to help the body “self-correct” or “self heal.”

Dr. Pearl claims that he stumbled upon this revolutionary new discovery when patients at his Los Angeles chiropractic clinic began to be healed from serious diseases such as cancer, epilepsy and cerebral palsy. He couldn’t understand why and consulted with leaders in science, medicine and spirituality for help. They didn’t have the answers either, so he decided to go on to pioneer studies on the healing frequencies that were running through him which he believed were healing people. He coined the term, Reconnective Healing® which he claims completely transcends “energy healing and it’s complex rituals and techniques.”

First of all, Catholics do not believe in a universal intelligence – we believe in God, who has revealed Himself to us as a personal Being, not a force or an intelligence. Second, to rely on such an intelligence to “inform, guide, heal and transform” our life is in direct violation of the First Commandment.

Reconnective Healing® is nothing more than artfully packaged New Age medicine. Please do not waste your hard-earned dollars on this nonsense. It does nothing more than make you poorer while making guys like this rich.

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