US Agencies Lose Fight to Conceal Risks of Depo Provera

depo proveraA shocking report by an internationally known UN watchdog group reveals the lengths U.S. agencies and the Gates Foundation will go to in order to conceal evidence that an injectable contraceptive being heavily promoted to African women is endangering them.

The Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute published the report in their most recent Friday Fax and revealed how lawyers for the US Agency of International Development (USAID) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) tried to stop The Rebecca Project from publishing studies on its website which prove that the agencies are aware that the contraceptive they are promoting to African women puts them at higher risk of acquiring HIV.

The groups filed a copyright infringement complaint to force the Project to remove the classified documents which were used at a closed-door meeting in Geneva of the World Health Organization, USAID, CDC, and Gates officials.

The attempt failed as The Rebecca Project’s policy director, Kwame Fosu, successfully refuted the complaints by citing the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) exemption for human rights and educational organizations that are providing information to protect vulnerable populations.

” . . .(T)his issue of Depo Provera’s harm now has to be decided in a court of law where a judge will review scientific and social research data,” Kwame Fosu told the Friday Fax.

Thus far, USAID and the Gates Foundation have spent millions promoting the use of injectable contraceptive use among women in high-HIV communities in sub-Sahara Africa.

“Considering the overwhelming evidence of Depo Provera’s harm, it is incumbent on Health Ministers in targeted developing countries to restrict or ban Depo Provera as a family planning option – exactly what Israel did in 2013 to protect women,” Fosu said.

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