A Spotless Mirror of God’s Activity

“She is a breath of divine power, a most pure effusion of the Most High;St LouisdeMontfort3 hence nothing sullied can ever contaminate her. She is a reflection of the eternal light, a spotless mirror of God’s activity, an image of his excellence…She is indeed more beautiful than the sun, surpasses all the constellations, and compared to light itself, she is more brilliant.”

        – St. Maximilian Kolbe on the Blessed Virgin 

For Reflection:           

Using the gift of your imagination, meditate on this quote. Which description strikes you the most? Why? How does it enhance your appreciation and understanding of Mary? In his writings, St. Maximilian Kolbe says to Our Lady with wonder, “Who are you, O Immaculata!” How does this quote incite the same wonder in you?


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